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Noel Dedrick
Noel DedrickBroker/Owner


My family and I reside in the Village of Kewaskum. I have lived in SE Wisconsin my entire life. My husband and I have two children and two golden retrievers. We love the peaceful area we are graced with living in. I enjoy spending time up north and traveling to new places with my family.


When you think about careers that revolve around helping others, being a nurse, doctor or social worker are usually what come to mind. But assisting people during a major life decision is an i...

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Amanda Paulson

Hi, my name is Amanda Paulson. I was born in Illinois and have lived in Texas and Colorado. The majority of my life I have lived in the Midwest and consider myself a Fond du Lac native since moving to Wisconsin in 1994. With moving around quite a bit as I child, I always yearned for a feeling of being settled somewhere where I could plant roots and call home for the long run. I have found that here in Fond du Lac and have a passion for helping others achieve that same feeling. I have been married to my husband ...

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