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Noel Dedrick

Noel Dedrick
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    My family and I reside in the Village of Kewaskum. I have lived in SE Wisconsin my entire life. My husband and I have two children and two golden retrievers. We love the peaceful area we are graced with living in. I enjoy spending time up north and traveling to new places with my family.


    When you think about careers that revolve around helping others, being a nurse, doctor or social worker are usually what come to mind. But assisting people during a major life decision is an important job too, just as I discovered after a 13-year career in healthcare. Although I loved what I accomplished in that field, I ultimately decided to follow my childhood dream and become a real estate agent.

    In 2005 after my husband and I welcomed our first child, the opportunity presented itself to make that dream come true. I jumped at the chance and I have never looked back. Over seventeen years, countless transactions throughout Southeast Wisconsin, and a plethora of satisfied clients later, I still uphold the highest standards for myself when it comes to my work. Honesty, high morals and integrity are very meaningful to me. I love giving 110% in everything I do.

    Having 17+ years experience in real estate and 10 years with my Broker License, I finally decided to follow my dream and open my own brokerage!

    If you are an agent looking for change, I am most certainly looking for agents with high energy and a drive to hustle. I want to raise the bar in the way most brokerages cap their agents, and the split. It is common to hear the splits of 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 etc. and a cap of $20,000 or more but I feel that experience and knowledge bring something special to the table. I understand the hustle that is necessary to achieve great things in this industry and I will reward that. I look forward to meeting with agents that are looking to grow themselves above and beyond the norm. If you are seeking a compensation package that supports and acknowledges what you bring to the table, together with the desire to work in a team atmosphere, I encourage you to reach out.

    *Ranked In The TOP 1% Of All Sales Agents In Washington County Since 2015! *

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